Orbit B-Hyve Wifi Controller Timer


Package Size1
Size / Model.005779468
Length (mm)114
Weight (kg)1.58
Width (mm)210
Height (mm)241
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The B-hyve WIFI Sprinkler Timer allows you to water smarter. Make watering decisions based on the ecological needs of your yard. Control the whole thing from your phone. Large LCD screen providing all the details you need to know at the timer. Access your timer from the app or at the timer, B-hyve is the only smart timer with controls on the timer. Unit Includes:

  • Screw down, stainless-steel terminals for secure connection, without worry from rust damage.
  • Powerful 2.4Ghz band WIFI, with ranges up to 200 feet.
  • Locking, weather sealed indoor/outdoor case means you can confidently mount your timer anywhere.
  • Works with all major brands of pumps (relay required).
  • Add increased weather detection with optional rain/freeze sensors (not included). Features:
  • Watering History: Know when your timer has watered and for how long, with detailed zone reports.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Monitor your timer’s progress as it happens. The B-hyve app gives you all the details.
  • Real Time Updates: Get all the details on when your smart timer plans on watering next.
  • Smart & Manual Scheduling: Use Smart watering, Manual or a combination of both for watering restrictions.
  • Tell the app when you can and cannot water.
  • Forward Looking Calendar: Look ahead to see what the timer’s smart watering has planned.
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