Water and Sewage Solutions for Africa

About Water Africa

Established in 1983, Water Africa is the leading company in water and sewage solutions in Botswana. We design, supply, install and maintain sewage treatment plants, water purification plants, borehole equipment, pipelines, pumps, irrigation, water storage, solar pumps, solar hot water and we offer total organic waste management solutions, including food waste systems, bio-degradable cleaning materials and Eco-friendly packaging materials. We supply specialized hardware and plumbing fittings and a large selection of pumps and generators. We are always ready to help and gladly go the extra mile to make sure your equipment works best for you and prepare tailor-made solutions.

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Water and sewage solutions for Africa

Our Vision

Our vision is to assist in the long term development of Botswana’s natural water and sewage treatment. We strive to continuously reduce the environmental impact from our business operations e.g. traveling, waste generation, omissions, use of resources and energy. We aim to achieve this through innovative processes and continuous improvement methodologies with the goal of reducing, reusing, recycling and identifying safer materials substitutes or alternatives for our operations. We are committed to designing and manufacturing products that are safe, energy efficient and minimize impact on the environment. We like to engage with stakeholders to develop responsible laws and regulations and innovative programs that provide safeguards for communities and the environment by providing flexibility to meet the needs of our business.
Solar Pumping Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions

Alternative energy has been a keen interest for us in the recent years and we provide Solar powered pumping solutions for boreholes, river...

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Solar Hot water solutions

Solar Hot water solutions

We Supply and install both low pressure and high pressure evacuated tube geysers. Size ranging from 100L to 300L. Both types of geysers can...

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Water Tank Stands

Water Tank Stands

Where mains power is not an option in your area or you just would like a constant pressure without the need for power. We offer 3m, 6m and 9m tank...

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Our Partners

Some of the brands we supply
Franklin Electric
Glonet Diesel
Free estimates are provided for work that would be more involved than a service call.
Remodeling, Replacing water
or sewer lines, Replacing Fixtures, etc.