Our Services

Water Africa projects and services include design, installation, and maintenance of sewage treatment plants, water purification plants. Our Water solutions scope includes the supply of borehole equipment, pipelines, pumps, irrigation, water storage, solar pumps, solar hot water and we offer total organic waste management solutions, food waste systems, biodegradable cleaning materials, and eco-friendly packaging materials.

Water and Sewage Solutions for Africa

Repair & Maintenance

We have technicians and mechanics on standby to repair any faulty pumps. Please note however we generally only offer repairs to pumps supplied by us due to spares availability.

Well points Installation

In some areas in Maun and the Okavango Delta ground water at 3-6m levels are prevalent. We offer drilling services to abstract this water for irrigation or house hold needs. 

Irrigation Pump designs

We design, supply, and install all irrigation pumps to your requirements. With our extensive range of pumps, no project is too small or too big.

Pumping equipment & service

We offer Electrical, positive displacement, petrol, and diesel water pumps. We supply full service and backup for all pumps and equipment that we supply.

Borehole Equipping

Equipping a borehole can be costly if done incorrectly. Sizing of pumps that match the borehole depth and yield is very important. Our staff is trained on sizing a pump correctly to eliminate this problem. We carry stock of two well-known electric brands, positive displacement pumps, and of course, tried and tested solar pumps.

Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment has been one of our main focuses in Botswana over the last 12 years providing an alternative for clients who have no access to mains sewage removal and who are located in environmentally sensitive locations. We supply above ground sewage treatment systems which are an ecofriendly solution treating all your wastewater back to potable water.

Our Partners

Remodeling, Replacing Water or Sewer Lines, Replacing Fixtures, etc.

free estimates are provided for work that would be more involved than a service call.