536LiBX Battery Blower

Powerful, lightweight and quiet professional backpack battery blower. The machine offers the lowest noise level and highest air flow on the market along with a well-balanced design, which makes it comfortable to use during long shifts. An easy tap on the keypad starts the machine instantly at all times and the cruise control means full focus on blowing leafs and debris away. The blower also has a boost power mode that gives you a little extra power when needed.

  • Battery voltage 36 V
  • Air speed 50 m/s
  • Weight without battery 2.8 kg
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Product Description

  • Maximized blowing speed during limited time through easy accessible boost mode
  • No refilling of fuel, less parts to serve and an electronically controlled drive system means less downtime and low operation costs
  • Best performance in pro battery class due to the advanced electric motor fan design
  • With backpack battery adaptor
  • Excludes battery and charger
Weight 2.8 kg